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CAYMAN ISLANDS~ Discover Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands on Vacation, Snorkeling Lessons, Guided Underwater Tours Cayman Brac 

The Cayman Islands have an incredible abundance of colorful marine life which can be seen snorkeling over its shallow reefs. Many shore accessible areas have reffes which are within a few fees of the water's surface. With over 100 feet visibility scuba diviing and snorkeling is superb. The Cayman Islands have calm water making snorkeling conditions sublime, and shore diving easy. The reef areas of Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and Little Cayman are protected as marine parks since the late 1980's allowing the marine to flourish.

Learn fish and reef creatures inentification with our knowledgeable guides. Any tour will result in great sightings of reef fish, sting rays, lobsters, and the occasional turtle. Our guides will point out different marine life from the one inch Christmas Tree Worms and Lavender Sea Anemones, to the spectacular colors of Angelfish and Peppermint Shrimp. Whether you're traveling to the island on one of the many cruises that port with us or are here for an extended stay, we are your best choice for Cayman Island excursions. Book an all inclusive resort or vacation package online for the best deals on your travel costs and let the Explore Underwater guide team show you the beauty of this tropical paradise.

We offer Guided Shore Diving and Snorkeling , Discover Scuba Diving, as well as full scuba certification as an Open Water Diver.
Call 345-927-0324 to arrange scuba lessons and accomodations, or guided snorkeling and shore diving. Email:

Learn Reef Fish and Coral Identification on Our Guided Snorkeling and Diving Tours

Snorkelng and diving adventures can start in shallow water until beginners gain confidence. A 20 foot Discover Scuba Diving tour with an instructor is a great way to see the marine life of the Cayman Islands. Photography lessons are also available.

We offer Guided Shore Diving and Snorkeling , Discover Scuba Diving, as well as full scuba certification as an Open Water Diver and 26 speciality courses.. Call 345-927-0324 to arrange lessons and accomodations. Email: .

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Wreck at Eden Rock Dive Site, Grand cayman Cayman Cayman Islands
Cruise Ships in Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

Learn to Scuba Dive
Just Two Days of Lessons

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands
Snorkeling the shallow reef next to the ship wreck is a great reef within 5 feet of the surface full of all the reef fish imaginable. Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands
Fish Market by the Sea
Local Fishermen Sell Their Fresh Catch Daily

On a short walk North of the cruise ship terminals, right in the heart of the George Town Harbour area, you'll see the local fishermen cleaning their morning catch. Snapper, Triggerfish, Mahi Mahi, are just a few of the available fish for sell by the pound. If you are staying on Grand Cayman, this is a great source of local fresh fish for your dinner. If you are only ashore for the day, it is still a treat to meet the fishermen, and to hear their local accents as they tell you their fishing tales.

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands
Shore Diving and Snorkeling Guides
Cayman Brac Is Beautiful Underwater

With many homes, condominiums, and the two hotels in Cayman Brac, accommodations are easy to find at a variety of prices. Bring your own diving and snorkeling gear, or rent from Reef Divers in Cayman Brac, and you’re ready to explore all the great shore diving sites and terrific snorkeling all along the shore line.

The Cayman Islands offer the best conditions for beginners with calm water and crystal clear water. Reefs are teeming with color and all sizes of fish, and corals and the sea fans are lavender and yellow. It is exceptionally beautiful underwater in the Cayman Islands, whether you are exploring underwater in Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, or Grand Cayman.

Kayak Tours
Kayaking is for everyone - No experience is necessary

Guided snorkeling tours from shore are a fun way to enjoy two different excursions at the same time throughout the Cayman Islands. Experienced guides will provide great information of the best areas to explore, along with a briefing about the marine life you will see.

Cayman Kayaks in Grand Cayman, also offers an eco-adventure kayaking tour in the pristine waters of the North Sound, the largest reef-fringed lagoon of the Cayman Islands. Enjoy a guided night trip to explore bioluminescence, or light created by plants and creatures, occurs all over the world but rarely in such spectacular concentration as found in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
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Underwater Photography Lessons
Botanical Park - Cayman Scenery - Underwater

Over the past 30 years of scuba diving and underwater photography, Monte Lee Thornton has published photos in textbooks, magazines, newspapers and internet publications. His photography encompasses locations from Hawaii to the Egypt. He founded Explore Underwater Online Magazine in 1996 and has continued to have a large internet presence.

Monte Thornton is a marine naturalist, beginning his career by photographing Humpback whales and feeding sharks in Hawaii. He now lives in the Cayman Islands with his wife, and their two children. Irene Scott-Thornton, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, began diving in 1978 in the Cayman Islands. Their 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son, are PADI Jr. Advanced Open Water Divers.

Monte has been photographing the Cayman Islands since 1983 and has published three books currently available.

Lessons in photography are available while you are on vacation.

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Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Lobsters Fighting Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Lobsters Fighting Cayman Islands
Photographer Monte Lee Thornton Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

This is what a Lobster in warm water looks like. The have horns instead of pinchers.

Photographer Monte Lee Thornton

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